Corporate Events

Our corporate service includes designing conferences, Team building, Brand promotion, Product launch, Gala dinner, etc., The creative and unique way of reaching people will convert your audience into customers.

Business Dinners

A business dinner is a way to let everyone meet a new hire, celebrate milestones, or simply let workers take a break and mingle. Event planning can turn these events into strong builders of social ties and relationships that contribute to a better work team.

Networking Events

These are large mixers that feature the gathering of various parties within a specific industry including employees, clients, possible clients, and more. The idea is for people to relax and talk business or whatever else comes to mind. As with any form of networking, starting the relationship is the main goal at these types of events and the right corporate entertainment can get folks laughing, chatting, and maybe dancing.

Product Launches

Few things are more exciting to a business than the big debut of their latest product. A launch party is a great way to generate media buzz and help forward your brand. Corporate event planners in Toronto can work with you to craft engaging, energetic, and truly magical launch parties that capture the imagination and spark anticipation.

Holiday Parties

Your employees put in a lot of effort year-round to help grow and better your business and the staff holiday party is a great way to show appreciation. Event planning can create memorable, festive holiday parties with top-notch entertainment that will be the stuff of water cooler talk for months or years to come.


Audiovisual technology is a huge part of event planning and seminars are a type of corporate gathering that shows off the full flexibility available. The same technology that creates stunning visual displays, like the atmosphere screen system, can be used to enhance and deliver training presentations, general meetings, and employee education events.

Charity Events

Charity events, whether concerts, golf tournaments, or anything else, play an important role in how businesses interact with the community. Making sure everyone has a good time requires managing music, lighting, decoration, stage design, and entertainment. Fortunately, corporate event planners are more than able to rise to the challenge.

Trade Shows

Setting up a booth at a trade show brings with it the challenge of making your company stand out from the dozens or hundreds of others in attendance. Corporate event planners can help by providing key audiovisual technology to draw the eye and capture attention. Multiscreen displays, strategic lighting, and interactive elements are just some of the tools that can be placed at your disposal.



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